Project Management


Project Management

At DLS Mechanical, we want to make sure your project runs smoothly and without incident. We understand that any HVAC installation or upgrade commands attention to detail, organization and effective communication with all parties involved. Lack of proper planning and management leaves too much room for error. Our knowledgeable and experienced project managers and management skills needed to handle every phase of an HVAC project competently.


Being proactive is the key to the successful completion of your HVAC project.

Our project management practices are unique and have given us a reputation for being reliable, effective and proficient in our work. DLS Mechanical fosters an environment that encourages our management team to work together and communicate with each other throughout the entire project. We put certain protocols in place so we can ensure that our customers get the best experience and our undivided attention in their HVAC project. From in-office to on-site, our staff stays connected to ensure a seamless transition from start to finish.


We do things a little bit differently than other commercial HVAC companies, and it works.

In addition to going on-site, an HVAC project manager typically has the responsibility of paperwork, change orders, purchasing and other in-office duties. These additional responsibilities can weigh down a project manager and hinder them from spending the time needed on-site. DLS Mechanical believes in a hands-on approach to project management. Our project managers have extremely capable assistants to relieve them of office paperwork so that they can be the eyes and ears out in the field to ensure everything is installed to the DLS Mechanical standard.

From scheduling manpower to the project completion timeline, we make sure we pick apart every piece of the project and analyze everything in detail to avoid future problems or conflicts. Should we come across a roadblock; we know how to resolve it quickly.