Design & Build

Let our Design/Build Team
do it all for you

DLS Mechanical has a team of experts that have the knowledge and skill to get the job done cohesively. Starting with design, budgeting, estimating and purchasing to the complete build of the entire HVAC system, we have the experience to be your design/build team for everything you need.

Plan and Spec

When we start a job, we go to great lengths to ensure we understand every level of detail within the project. We are extremely hands-on, so we will walk through your site, ask questions, and take notes. Our onsite, hands-on approach allows us to predict obstacles so we can make recommendations and follow up with adjustments. We want to understand everything so we can provide minimal to no interruptions and downtime throughout the entire project build.


Our Design/Build team has experience in the following markets and industries:

Commercial/office environments
Industrial manufacturing
Property management


Communication within the design/ build team is key.

Our design/build team has gotten hundreds of projects off the ground with precision and efficiency. Throughout your project, our designers will consistently communicate with our builders for a smooth transition from plan to execution. Bringing HVAC design and build together into one contract will save you time and keep costs under control through every step of your project. The entire construction of your mechanical system will be coordinated and uniform.

We don’t tolerate anything less than an outstanding customer experience. That is why our design/build team will be ready to answer any questions you may have and make necessary modifications to meet your needs. Since our designers and construction personnel work together, it eliminates the possibility of any discrepancies throughout your project. Overall, having a design/build team working together allows for better engineering and a speedier project completion timeline. As a whole, design and build together will save costs as opposed to traditional project methods within the HVAC industry.


Our certifications include:

NYS Licensed Contractor
LEED Certified Project Managers
OSHA trained 10HR/ 30HR
Scaffolding trained
Trane air conditioning training seminars
Leibert training seminars
Advanced leadership institute training
Financial services management seminars