DLS Estimating

Our recipe for a cost-effective and successful HVAC project is starting with a quality estimate.

At DLS Mechanical, we do things a bit differently than our competitors. Our estimating department understands that all HVAC projects are not the same. Every project we are assigned has distinctive variables that need to be considered. Our unrivaled experience will give you the most accurate valuation; unequivocally. We pride ourselves on our due diligence in adding extra steps to the process of estimating. We peel back the layers and analyze every detail of the project to ensure you get the best options, value and pricing.

How DLS Mechanical determines costs

For our purposes, our focus is the mechanical aspect of the drawings, but we don’t neglect other trades and aspects of the project. While other HVAC companies may go from mechanical drawings straight to vendor pricing, we won’t do it that way. We want to ensure that you get the best value on your project. Our estimating department will pick apart every piece of the project from AC units and pumps to air outlets and other important components to ensure we understand the entire scope of the plan.

We take our time. Rushing the estimating process can cause oversight at an expensive cost.

At DLS mechanical, we strip the project right down to each section of sheet metal, piping, insulation and more to determine what the cost reasonably should be and then compare it to our vendors for pricing. When we save money, you save money. If we aren’t happy with a manufacturer’s pricing, we won’t stop until we find a suitable substitute that can cost-effectively deliver the same result at a better value.

We look at what your goals are and what you want to accomplish. By proactively analyzing every small detail, we aim to avoid dollars wasted. We take apart all the “nuts and bolts” and remove the pieces that aren’t cohesive with value engineering and replace them with the most practical components. Once all the pieces are put back together, our estimating team will carefully look at the entire project as a whole to ensure that it’s not only cost efficient but improved.